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October 13, 2017

Bare Basics

Nothing wrong with sometimes wanting it in missionary

Erotic Instructions:
Nothing wrong with sometimes wanting it in missionary, a well-known position for a very good reason… that being: it works. Come home from a long day, have a bath and get straight into bed naked, give your partner a call into the bedroom and ask him to join you.
Feel free to whisper instructions gently into his ear and you will be on the way to a smooth, sensual love-making session.


Passion Playoff:
This position allows a woman to feel sheltered, protected and completely enveloped by her lover – who has to do most of the work. The weight and movement of his body against yours, and particularly the pelvis areas, will massage your clitoris and allow for an intense build to orgasm.
Slip into something to take off: Choose a sexy chemise or negligee, giving him his gift with a little wrapping. Browse for ideas.

Orgasms are good for you! A surge in “The cuddle hormone,” oxytocin, has been shown not only to reduce stress abut also to keep your “lady bits” healthy. “Orgasms cause blood to rush to the genital tissue, keeping it supple and refreshed,” says Lou Paget, author of the best selling “The Big O.” Some experts even believe that if you have an orgasm during menstruation, it can help protect against endemetriosis, a potentially dangerous uterine condition that can lead to infertility. Orgasms can also help you sleep better and even lose weight. Experts recommend you have at least one orgasm a week, but you can’t always have a partner on tap. A high-quality sex toy will never let you down! Best toy for guaranteed orgasm : The HoneyHoney Bunny Bunny (toy number 1)


Knowledge is power! If you explore and experiment with a sex toy while you are alone, you will get to know your own body in ways that you just cannot when someone else is around. You will then be able to guide your partner to pleasure you (and him or herself) better, with or without the assistance of toys. Best toy for learning what works for your body: The Sweet Tilt Wireless Remote Vibe (toys number 2)


Hang-ups have no place in your bed. Feelings of shyness and shame women might feel around pleasuring ourselves, can be inhibiting. The more relaxed you are, the more you can allow your mind to drift towards fantasy and pleasure and the more you will enjoy sex. Sometimes, being alone gives us the space to fantasise, to concentrate only on seeking out our own pleasure, without fear of judgment or consequence. Try waterproof toys in the privacy and sensual calm of the bath and discover things about your pleasure centres you never knew before. Best toy for the bath: The Hedone Dual-Action Vibe (toy number 4)


Sex toys can add excitement and adventure to your relationship: Let’s face it. Even the hottest sexual chemistry can sometimes cool down. Same old positions, same old build up, same result? Introduce some spicy toys that both you, and your partner can enjoy together ( cock rings, bullets, remote controlled toys, for example, ) and you both will be blown-away by the results. The extra stimulation can enhance both of your orgasms and add a dimension of fun and play that can refresh even the most weary sex life. Best toy for couples to enjoy together : The Cocktastic Vibrator Ring (number 5) or take the couples play to the bathtub and use toy no.2!

Quickies have their place! Sex toys can do the job in a flash, if time is short. And when time is short it can be human nature to put off sex, as it becomes “just another thing on the “to do list” and “a chore.” A quickie can ensure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of a great, satisfying orgasm, no matter how hectic the demands on you (or your Partner,) may be. Sometimes, when the excitement of a quickie is just what you’re looking for, manual methods (and men!) can be unreliable. Sex toys such as My Buddy Buddy Vibe (toy number 6) and The Hedone 10-out-of-10 Vibe are specially designed for the ultimate bang, in the shortest possible time (number 3).


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